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5 Reasons You Need to Update an Ugly Website

Nowadays, having an internet connection at home and in the office is very vital. It is one of the necessary things we need to have in order to communicate with our loved ones who are far from us and even to reaching potential clients or a stepping stone in getting an opportunity to start a business.

Every company must realize that having a website is not enough anymore. Before, having a website was actually considered as a “cutting edge”, but today, more and more businesses have not realized the fact that an ugly website is directly affecting them and their business. There are also businessmen who believe that it’s not important to update the look and the information found in their websites. A poorly constructed and an unappealing website is actually worse than not having a website at all.

Reasons why you need to update An Ugly Website

  1. Your business online image. If your business offers services to clients, then you need to have an updated and appealing website. Of course, clients will always be concerned how things will appear. As a service provider, you need to assure your clients that you can give them the best service they can receive.
  2. Getting Clients. When you update the look of your website, you are telling your customers that you are updated in your field or business area. This will help them in deciding if they have to do business with you or not at all. No one would like to do business with someone who doesn’t know their craft.
  3. Reaching Web Users. Fresh contents help your website reach the newest and updated search engines. If you want to be reached by users of Google, Bing and even Yahoo, you should at least update your website content once a week.
  4. Functionality and Easy Access. Before, websites tend to be trickier to use than on the new ones. Not all internet users are techy, so it’s vital to keep your website simple and easy to access. The type of website you have will be the first impression you’ll receive from your site visitors.
  5. Keep it social. Your website needs to have a link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn since almost every potential client are using these social media platforms.


5 Reasons You Need to Update an Ugly Website

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Why companies (and CEOs) should blog

Is your Company Missing out on this great opportunity?


“Many Australian companies are missing out on an insanely brilliant opportunity to connect with customers and other stakeholders.

And while the ball has potentially been dropped by the PR or marketing departments, the blame should be sheeted home to the CEO.

I’m talking about establishing and nurturing a content-rich blog (as part of a well-considered content marketing strategy – but it’s the blogging that I want to focus on).

If you’re a CEO and your organisation has not got a blog (or at least a ‘socialised’ online newsroom): why on earth not?

As the leader of an organisation with multiple stakeholders, you could be using a blog as an interactive platform to drive discussion around important issues, establish industry thought-leadership, educate customers and help provide solutions to their problems (relevant to your business). This is before the potential benefits of increased SEO are taken into account.

Now, before I drop too much of the blame at the feet of PR and marketing people, I’ve met many clever and passionate people in those departments who were keen to pursue a blog for their organisation only to have the initiative stymied either by the ‘C suite’, legal or IT departments (or combination thereof).

Spread ideas

When I say ‘blog’, essentially I’m talking about an online platform that can be leveraged by a company to spread ideas, generate conversation and build rapport with relevant and interested audiences.

A blog isn’t necessarily just text, either. It can just as easily house video content, audio (podcasts), photos, charts and infographics etc. Think of it as your own media channel – your company’s ‘digital heart’.

It’s important, however, that you don’t use the company blog for corporate chest-beating (I suppose you can, but only the board will read it and get excited. No one else will – not even your employees).

It’s not for jargon-filled press releases or blatant product plugs. Instead, a blog should inspire, educate, inform and/or entertain its readers. Unlike most company websites, it should give people a reason to come back time and time again.

Passion to connect

Back to the CEO for a minute. Does the CEO need his or her own blog? No, not necessarily. It depends on whether they’ve got anything to say – a point of view – or a passion to connect with their constituents. And they need to be willing to update it at least eight times per month (and the content needs to come from them – it can’t simply be ghostwritten by the company’s PR person).

I think it’s more important for the company to have a vibrant blog the CEO can regularly contribute to, along with other experts within the organisation, rather than having a CEO-only blog that rarely gets updated.

And, critically, if they don’t contribute to the blog, at the very least the CEO needs to give it their full support – otherwise the project may never properly get off the ground.”

Trevor Young


Consultant, blogger, speaker and entrepreneur Trevor Young describes himself as ‘a PR Warrior on the front line of the communications revolution’. Trevor is director of strategy and innovation with public relations firm Edelman Australia; he blogs at prwarrior.com and manages Australian blogging directory and news site bloghub.com.au 

How to Get Your Customers and Prospects to Trust You with Social Media


Exposure by design Social Media Marketing builds Trust

In what is seen as a very shaky and untrustworthy business economy, building trust with your current customers and your prospective ones is the golden ticket to boosting your business. Social media is the key tool that unlocks that trust.

Share Content

The old adage “content is king” as far as the Internet is concerned is still a very true statement. Sharing relevant, informational and useful content on your social media outlets is one of the best ways to start building a trusting relationship with your current clients and a trusting relationship that can open the door to new business from your prospective clients.

If you write an article on your own blog, share this with your followers. If you write an article that gets published by a Read more

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