Personal Branding – 26 Tips To Help Grow Your Real Estate Brand

Do you know what separates the top 1% of agents from the rest? Is it that they work harder? Are great marketers or salesmen? These are all important factors but the main difference is that they have a much bigger personal brand.

A strong and well known personal brand is the prerequisite for becoming a successful real estate agent.

To put it simply, the more people that know, like and trust you. The more leads you’ll get and the more listings you’ll win.

A personal brand isn’t just being well known, while having your face on bus stops and billboards will help to build awareness for your brand you also need to build a connection with your target clients. This way they will remember you when the time comes for them to sell or refer a friend.

Here’s a great infographic put together by Seth Price that highlights how to create a connection with your clients and build a memorable personal brand

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The A-Z of building a personal brand as a real estate agent.




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