McDowall Queensland is a small suburb located in the northern part of the City of Brisbane. Located approximately 9 km north of the Brisbane CBD, McDowall has a population of over 7200. The suburb is home to the Northside Christian College, which is situated in Flockton Road. Located in northern suburbs, the school is close to numerous shopping centres and dining options.

The suburb was first named in 1975. The name was chosen to commemorate the early settler of the area, Colonel John McDowall. He was a distinguished early-settler of the locality. Initially, the suburb was destined to be named after Annand, but this name was rejected by the residents.

Originally, McDowall was a settlement located in the area of Trouts Road and Hamilton Road. However, in the 1970s, the suburb became more developed and its population began to expand. As such, new streets were added. The earliest of these were named Gable, Niven, Hepburn, Fontaine, and Chaplin.

In the 1980s, the suburb was also home to the Flockton Plaza drive-in shopping centre. Today, there are specialty stores, services, and a supermarket at the centre. There is also a community-based shopping centre called McDowall Village. The two centres are anchored by IGA and Woolworths supermarkets.

McDowall is also home to the Raven Street Reserve, which is a 24-hectare bushland area that forms a part of a longer stretch of green areas in the area. It is managed by the Brisbane City Council. Since 1972, the reserve has been protected by Greenbelt designation.

McDowall is also home to two community-based shopping centres, as well as a state school. The state school is named in honour of the prominent early settler of the area, Colonel John MacDowall. This school opened in 1975 with six teachers and 36 students. The school was approved by the Place Names Board of Queensland.

The township of McDowall is surrounded by forests. Although it is a residential suburb, it is also a popular destination for visitors. Many come from near and far to enjoy the natural scenery. McDowall is also home to several notable roadways that are themed to commemorate notable actors and movie stars. A great place to also visit is

If you’re looking for a home in McDowall, look for a modern townhouse with a long lease. This option will ensure you have a place to stay for many years to come. You can also take advantage of the rental guarantee offered by the DHA. Also, you will have access to services such as trimming, pruning, and other tree-related services. All of these services are available through a professional and reliable company.

Lastly, if you’re a nature lover, you’ll love visiting the Raven Street Reserve. The park is a wonderful stretch of pristine bushland in the city. The area has been protected since the 1960s and it is gradually being developed over time.

While McDowall is a relatively small suburb, it is a vibrant one with a thriving population. A number of people commute to the city, and the surrounding areas are filled with tree-covered areas. Next Article

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