McDowall is a small suburb in north-west Brisbane, Australia. It is located in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone and is situated a little more than ten kilometers from central Brisbane. The population of McDowall in 2011 was 6,818. According to the census, 78% of the population of McDowall were born in Australia. Another 3% were from England, 1.3% from Italy, and 1.5% from South Africa.

There are many trees and patches of forest throughout the suburb. One of the major attractions in McDowall is the Raven Street Reserve, a 24 hectare bushland reserve. This is part of a long stretch of green areas that are found in this part of Brisbane.

Another interesting feature of McDowall is its proximity to Everton Park. It is also close to Bunyaville State Forest Park. Both of these features attract visitors from all over Queensland. McDowall is the home of Valentine McDowall Park, a public park dedicated to the pioneering work of Dr. Valentine McDowall in radio and television broadcasting in Queensland. In the 1950s, when McDowall’s local area was subdivided, the park was designated as a greenbelt. Today, it is managed by the council and is a popular picnic spot.

The first streets in McDowall were Gable, Niven, Hepburn, and Fontaine. These were constructed near Hamilton Road. Over the next several years, more and more streets were added. For example, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, more movie star themed streets were added.

McDowall is a small suburb with a population of 6500. However, it is home to some of the most important buildings in the state. In fact, it is the capital of Queensland. McDowall has a total area of 4.293 square kilometres and is located a few kilometers from the city of Brisbane.

McDowall is named after an early settler of the area, Colonel John McDowall. He was a prominent figure in the early days of the town. He served as an early district surveyor in Maryborough and Toowoomba, and later as a land commissioner. His reputation for impartiality was very high.

One of the most impressive feats of a public servant was his introduction of the time-standard system. This was a carefully controlled clock that was used to determine local time. Click for more

In the 1970s, the town of McDowall also boasted a primary school, which opened on 28 January 1975. At the time of the school’s opening, six teachers and 36 students were in attendance. McDowall State School is located in the northern suburbs of the city, and is located in the Northside Christian Catchment Area.

There are numerous shopping and entertainment options in the area. Flockton Plaza has an array of specialty stores. Other major attractions in the area include a drive-in shopping centre on the southern border of the suburb. Several other businesses are also located in the area, including a supermarket.

The prickly pear tree is a significant ecological threat to the area. Although it is not native to the area, it is commonly found in the vicinity. It is therefore best to contact a qualified tree management company to deal with its removal and pruning. Learn more

Point of Interest #1 Margaret Street Park, 29 Margaret St, McDowall QLD 4053

Point of Interest #2 Daves Tree Lopping, 54 Keona Rd, McDowall QLD 4053

Point of Interest #3 Lyell Crescent Park, 40 Lyell Cres, McDowall QLD 4053

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