How to Get Your Customers and Prospects to Trust You with Social Media

  Exposure by design Social Media Marketing builds Trust In what is seen as a very shaky and untrustworthy business economy, building trust with your current customers and your prospective ones is the golden ticket to boosting your business. Social media is the key tool that unlocks that trust.

Share Content

The old adage “content is king” as far as the Internet is concerned is still a very true statement. Sharing relevant, informational and useful content on your social media outlets is one of the best ways to start building a trusting relationship with your current clients and a trusting relationship that can open the door to new business from your prospective clients. If you write an article on your own blog, share this with your followers. If you write an article that gets published by a
media outlet, share this with your followers. If you are interviewed on a local TV show, get a copy of the video clip and share this on your social media outlets. Content isn’t just copy, so get creative with the copy you share.

Put a Human Spin on It

Remember that the people reading your social media updates are human. Trust exists between two human beings, so your followers want to know that there is a human behind your business and the status updates on your social media networks. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself, to make the update sound human rather than produced by a computer or robot. It’s fine to let your personality shine through when you are sharing content, tips, advice, updates, or even industry news on your social media networks.

Don’t ABC It

The “always be selling” methodology should not come directly into play when using. While the ultimate goal is to use social media to sell your products and services, sometimes you will go about it in a direct manner and other times, you need to go at it in an indirect manner. For example, sharing a major sale, coupon, or discount on one of your products or services is a direct way to use social media to market, promote and sell your products and services. Sharing content, advice, tips and industry news is more of an indirect way to sell—with the upfront goal being to build trust and the ultimate goal being to sell your products and services after you have built a trustworthy foundation between you and your followers. Social media is a powerful and effective tool when used properly. One of the goals you can accomplish for your business using social media is to build trust with both your current audience and new audiences. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of the ways that you can use social media to build trust, knowing that social media is a quiver in your marketing hat is very important to have and to use. For more information on the benefits of social media marketing and how to use it in your business, call us at Exposure By Design on 1300858665.

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