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Creating a high quality real estate website is extremely important for companies and individuals today to be successful. It is not enough to be on the Internet. You need to do it the right way if you want to make a real impression.

Think about the number of websites that people visit each day, especially when they are looking at real estate. They are inundated with site after site and everything seems to blur together. When you have the right elements on your site though, it will be a standout and a site they remember. That’s just what you want.

Let’s look at what the best sites out there today are doing.

Element #1: Easy Navigation

Getting around the real estate website has to be as simple and as intuitive as possible. Your front page is the gateway to the rest of your website, so that means that the navigation must be very easy to find and use. Do not make the visitors hunt for it, or they will leave the site. Once you are on other pages of your site, visitors need an easy way of getting back to that front page as well.

Element #2: Full Screen Video Backgrounds

One trend that’s starting to become popular with a number of sites is having full screen video backgrounds. While this might not be the right solution for every real estate website, it can provide the visitors with an interesting and engaging experience. Imagine having a nice video of a beautiful home as the background image. Making it video, rather than a still image, gives it something special and can really draw attention. You can then put content over it, but as mentioned, keep it minimal. You can change the video occasionally to keep the site interesting. (See

Element #3: Quality Typography Is Vital

It is quite important to have typography that is easy to read. This means it needs to be in a legible font, and it needs to be large enough to see. Never use script or hard to read type, or you will risk losing many of the viewers who navigate to your site. You need to also think about the placement of the text and the colors it uses. Everything must work well together in order for it to be a good fit for your site.

Element #4: Flat Design Remains Popular

The days of flashy sites with sparkles and flashing lights are gone, thankfully. Real estate agents, as well as the majority of the Internet, have been favoring more of a minimalistic look, and that’s likely to continue. Using flat and clean design offers a nice and modern look and it allows you to focus on only the most important elements of the site. However, that’s not to say that the site has to be boring, as you will see from the second element on this list. (See


Element #5: Great Photography and Videos

Videos and photos are great for any website, and this is particularly true for real estate websites. Having these elements on your front page, as long as they aren’t getting in the way of the rest of the content, is a good idea. If you feel that it makes the front page too busy though, simply put them on another page. The easy navigation, the previous element, will make it easy for your visitors to find the images and videos that you have. has a great use of images and videos.

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