Brisbane Social Media Management Tips Improving Social Engagement

While statistics show that some 85% of small businesses are using social media, especially Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +, those statistics say nothing about active engaging pages. Unfortunately the majority of business owners have no idea how to engage with their fan base, and most have no idea how to grow their fan base, other than by inviting their friend’s list from personal pages.

Understanding Fans

The first step to improving any sort of Brisbane social media campaign is to understand your fanbase. Depending on what platform you happen to be on, your fans may want to see entirely different things. You also have to consider how and why you asked your fans to join the page in the first place.

Did you offer coupons and discounts to fans on the page? Did you just invite everyone you know to the page? You can also use some analytics information to see what your fans are responding to the most, and you can also check to see what your most active fans like from their page (unless this information is private). Understanding what your fans want to see helps you to create a better content strategy that engages people, because it is what they want or love.

Balancing Engaging & Promotional Content

The main job of any social media site is to entertain and inform. You want your page to do this, but you also want to balance in promotional content. Unfortunately, most people don’t respond well to pages that simply share their products, or share things about themselves. If you want to share something and you don’t have a good reason (such as it being on sale), you want to do so in an interesting and informative way.

Sometimes that way is to share it with a customer photo and customer review, other times it is to point out that a celebrity or popular TV show used it or something similar. You can also write blogs about it and share those as a form of promotion as well. For example, if you sell modern lamps, blog posts about different types of modern lamps, how to style modern lamps, and even how to fit lamps into your modern styled house could all go over well. Finally, you can post humorous content relating to your topics, interesting photos of your products, or reviews and quotes about your products from around the web.

What Makes Good Content?

Good content varies depending on the page, but a good rule of thumb is to create your content, read it, and if it’s not interesting or informative in some way, you probably don’t want it. Consider “Does it ask a question”, “does it teach something new”, “does it make people think”, “does it make people laugh”, “If this were not my business would this make me want to purchase something?”. If you can say no to all of these, then it’s probably not worth posting.

Hiring a Professional

While many small businesses cannot afford to hire a full time social media manager, some 37% of small and medium sized businesses do. A well managed social campaign can and does improve sales, and paying for a social media service should pay for itself within a certain amount of time.

Need Help With Your Social Media?

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