5 Signs Your Kid Will Grow Up To Be A Real Estate Agent

Are you hoping your child will take on the same career that you have as property agent? Well, we have placed a checklist to know if your kid will be just like you in the future! Here’s our 5 Signs your kid will become a Property Agent.

6 Signs your kid will become a Property Agent 1

How to know if you’ve got a little agent in the making…


1. The Not So Kiddy lemonade stand

When a kid starts a strategically placed lemonade drink stand with efforts to bring up the big bucks to help out, you could be having the future deal-maker on your family. The innate sense with the importance of the location plus knowing the signs of a sold house is one of the clear signs that your kid has charisma in running a property business through his veins.


2. Selling everything he can

If your kid tends to sell anything he is not using anymore or something he knows he has in double or doesn’t use anymore, then property selling can be something he can be really fond of in the future. You must be ready to support him on the same career he might be taking on in the future.


4. The under-the-bed bubble

If your kid loves the room “showings” part when he has visitors, that should all unravel once you’ve looked under the bed, your kid may have staging chops to make it in the real estate business.


5. Killer contact list

If your child’s virtual Rolodex is bigger than yours and all of his friends call them for help solving problems, he might have the connections to later to become your neighbourhood’s top producer.


6. They’re bringing you leads
If your tike or teen runs around telling all of his friends, teachers and community members what you do, he may be headed for your shoes. The walking commercial kid is a sure sign that he’s paying attention and taking notes.


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